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About us



Our team has over 10 years’ experience of working with a broad range of economically inactive, employed and unemployed target groups, including those who are often the hardest to reach. We provide employer-led training programmes and a dedicated recruitment service to prepare candidates for lifelong skills that are transferable from role to role. We provide candidates with skills development training, Soft skills support, Computer digital ICT training, job search and job brokerage support  geared towards achieving sustainable employment. We actively work in partnership with several training and further education providers through cross-referrals to build a wider and sustainable community network provision.


How are we different

We have a wide network and strong links with employers across many sectors. Our partnership arrangement with our partner employers have developed over the years through the quality of our service provision and proven success. Our innovative employer led programmes are aligned with our tailored training provision linked to government funded priority programmes geared towards empowering participants to achieve their career goals.



Our mission is to provide first class quality education, training and consultancy services that will transform the lives of our learners geared towards skills improvement and sustainable employment.

Jobplus Consultancy is a learning and development provider that delivers services across employability programmes, skills development and recruitment and consultancy support. Jobplus has extensive experience of training and managing projects within welfare-to-work programme aimed at supporting participants with gaining new skills to meet their career goals. We offer innovative and tailored solutions to support people to obtain real employer-led skills and vocational training geared towards progression into sustainable employment.


Our vision is to assist our learners to develop a positive attitude towards learning, achieve high standards and expectations in fulfilling their career and personal developments goals. We specialise in a learner – centred approach by identifying individual learner need geared towards enhancing their skills and potentials. We also provide employer and client-led programmes to improve the productivity of their workforce.