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Your Name/Company Name: A reputable Care Recruitment Agency in Croydon
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Job Title: Health Care Assistant -- £8.75 per Hour
Job Type: Full-Time
Job Category: Care co-ordinator
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1. To be aware of Company information, including the structure of the organisation, policies and procedures and required documentation in order to answer any queries from residents, visitors and other stakeholders. 2. To ensure that all residents understand the care and treatment choices that are available to them and to know the arrangements in place for obtaining and acting in accordance with the consent of the residents. 3. To positively promote the resident’s right to choice and independence whilst ensuring that they are treated with the utmost respect, privacy and dignity at all times. 4. To assist residents with care and support needs, as detailed in their individual care plan, in an appropriate manner to help meet their desired outcomes. 5. To assist residents with use of care aids and equipment as per the care plan, moving and handling assessment and other risk assessments. 6. To communicate effectively with residents, families, other staff and other professionals. 7. To report any concerns relating to significant changes in residents’ health to the senior staff member on duty, including recommending where external support is required for example, DN, GP or Emergency services. 8. To understand the arrangements for ensuring that residents are safeguarded against the risk of abuse by identifying the possibility of abuse and preventing by responding appropriately. 9. To adhere to the Home’s system designed to assess the risk of, and to prevent, detect and control the spread of infection. 10. To ensure all aspects of the Home environment are clean and tidy. To carry out cleaning and decontamination of equipment as required. 11. To report any observed faults, defects or damage to the Home, fixtures, fittings or equipment to the senior member of staff on duty. 12. To ensure Health and Safety and Fire regulations are observed at all times.

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